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Soccer Third Attacker

A soccer attacker who is in soccer scoring position or running with the attack but a long soccer pass away from the First Attacker.(See “First Attacker“, “Second Attacker“, & “Third Man Running“).

Soccer Third Man Running

(aka “Third Attacker”). The soccer concept that, when attacking, a soccer teammate “off-the-play” (i.e., a third player other than the passer & receiver) should run to support the receiver. The “third man” can then become a soccer receiver or an alternate receiver and the original soccer passer can become the “third man” after he passes the ball. Good examples of this can be seen in professional soccer games on TV where a “3 man line” will run toward goal on the attack; for example, the RF with the ball, the CF who is the likely receiver & running toward the near post and the LF who is running toward the far post. (See “Movement Off-The-Ball“, “First Attacker“, “Third Attacker“, “Creating Space“, & “Off The-Play“).

Soccer Off-The-Play

Refers to a soccer player who is not directly involved in the play. For example, if one soccer player passes to another, they are in the play, but their teammates are “off the play”. This term can refer to soccer players who are on offense & defense. (For example, see “Third Man Running“).

Soccer Movement Off-The-Ball

This is a key concept & one of the most important things you can teach. Movement Off-The-Ball is important on both offense AND defense and is critical to support and good teamwork. It is the key to “off-the-ball attacking”. On offense, “movement
off-the-ball” refers to the movement by the ballhandler’s soccer teammates (the ballhandler is “onball”). The 2 types of movement off-the-ball which all coaches can teach soccer players U-10 & older are: having attackers stay a pass apart, and having receivers move away from the ballhandler as he approaches them in order to create space (i.e., so they are a pass apart). (See “Creating Space“, “Off-The-Ball“, “Third Man Running“, “Support” & “Diagonal Run”). I strongly recommend you teach “Passing to Space” and “Aggressive Receiving” — Passing to Space is easier for beginning soccer players and will result in much better soccer ball movement, better soccer ball possession, use of Open Space and “field vision”. Aggressive Receiving is a better way to teach receiving and will result in a big improvement in your soccer players and their ability to retain the soccer ball.

Soccer Checking Off

(aka Checking Run and Pull-Return) When a soccer receiver runs away from the soccer ballhandler but then quickly runs back toward the ballhandler. The idea is to draw the defender away from the ballhandler to create an open space that the soccer receiver can then run back into in hopes of being open for a pass. (i.e., the first run was a “dummy run”). The opposite of a “hooking run”. (See “Hooking Run“, “Show“, “Third Man Running“, “Movement Off-The-Ball” & “Creating Space“).