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Soccer Speed Dribbling

Speed Dribbling is a way to move the soccer ball fast when you are open. Instead of keeping it close to your feet, you kick it forward and run to it (being sure to get there before an opponent), then kick it forward again, etc. The techniques are different for Control Dribbling and Speed Dribbling. To Speed Dribble, you kick the ball forward using the outside top of the front of the foot (not the inside of the foot). There is an excellent demonstration of Speed Soccer Dribbling on the Anson Dorrance-Tom Stone Soccer Clinic DVD at minute 19:15, ‘Dribbling for Speed’. (See Soccer Pass to Yourself, How To Teach Dribbling and Soccer Control Dribbling).

Soccer Running With The Ball

(aka “Speed Dribbling”). See “Speed Dribbling”

Soccer Dribbling

(aka Carrying) A player can dribble with any part of the foot. “Control dribbling” is usually with the inside or outside of the foot. “Speed dribbling” is often with the top of the foot (i.e., the “laces”). See “Soccer When To Dribble“, “Control Soccer Dribbling“, “Speed Soccer Dribbling” & “Soccer Pass To Yourself“. See How to Teach Soccer Dribbling.