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Soccer Two Touch

When the soccer ball is stopped & then passed so that it has been touched (Key Concept) 2 or more times it is called a two touch soccer pass. (See One Touch). U- U-6, U-8, U-10, U-12, etc. The U stands for “Under”. At younger ages, soccer leagues are often organized in 2-year increments. (See “Age“).

Soccer One Touch

(aka “First Touch” and “First-Time Ball”). When the soccer ball is passed back without stopping it so it is touched only once it is called a one touch pass. If it is shot on the first touch, it is called a one touch shot. (See “Two Touch“).

Soccer First-Time Ball

(aka “One Touch”). See “One Touch Soccer“.

Soccer First Touch

(aka “One TouchSoccer ” or “First-Time Soccer Ball”). Refers to the first touch by a soccer player as a shot or a pass. “He has a great First Touch”. See “One Touch Soccer“.