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Soccer Wall Pass

A “Wall Pass” is when a soccer player passes the ball to a teammate who one-touches it right back. This can be very effective because the defender will turn with the first soccer pass & can’t recover to defend the second. If the initial soccer passer passes & then breaks (makes a run) it is called a “give and go”. (See “Soccer Give & Go“).

Soccer Through Ball

(aka Through Pass). A soccer pass between defenders into the open space between the fullbacks & the soccer goalkeeper with the idea that a forward will beat the defenders to the soccer ball. There are 2 types: a “Straight Through Ball” & a “Diagonal Through Ball”). (See “Pass To Space”, “Leading Pass” & “Pass To Yourself”). This is a very important soccer concept to teach & one that I think should be introduced by U-8 & definitely by U-10. By U-12 (& sometimes by U-10) defenders will be “pushing up” & it will become very difficult for attackers to dribble past the “Last Defender”. “Through Balls”, “Passing to Yourself”, “Switching The Play” & “Wall Passes” become the keys to a successful offense. If the other team is having success with through balls, it may be because your soccer defense if “flat” & doesn’t have “depth”. (See “Depth“, “Zone Defense“, “Push Up“, “Last Defender“, “Leading Pass“, “Give & Go“, “Pass To Space“, “Diagonal Through Ball“, “Styles of Play” & “Stretch The Field“).

Soccer Similarities To Other Sports

If you think about it, soccer has similarities to many other sports. It
is most similar to basketball, which uses both “zone” and “man-to-man” defenses, set plays, “give & go”, movement-off-the-ball to create space, & emphasizes passing. There also similarities to hockey & football and concepts such as “follow through”, “staying on your toes” & a “quick first step” are used in most field sports.

Soccer Killer Ball

A pass that is so good that it sets up a goal. Usually a “through ball”, a “long ball”, a “give & go” or a soft “pass to space”.

Soccer Give & Go

(aka “one-two pass”) A “wall pass” where the initial passer passes & then breaks (often making a “blind side run”) to get open for a return pass. (See “Wall Pass” & “Blind Side Run“).

Soccer Combination Play

When attacking soccer players work together to execute a soccer play. Examples are a “Give & Go“, an “Overlapping Run“, a “Takeover“, a “Hooking Run” and “Checking Off“.

Soccer Blind Side Run

When a soccer attacker without the ball (i.e., “off the ball”) runs outside a soccer defender’s field of vision in order to get open to receive a soccer pass. On a “give & go” the receiver often makes a “blind side run” behind the soccer defender. (See “Give & Go“).

Soccer Attacking Third

(aka “Final Third”). The 1/3 of the soccer field that contains the other team’s goal. This is a term used when discussing soccer tactics & strategy. For example, I don’t want my soccer players to dribble a lot in the Soccer Defending Third, but it is okay for them to dribble in the Attacking Third. (However, they should still be looking for a soccer pass or a “Give & Go”). Also, our forwards should aggressively pressure the ball & try to steal it if the other team has it in our “Attacking Third”. (See “Defending Third“, & “Middle Third” & “When To Dribble/When To Pass“).