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Soccer System Of Play

The concepts of “Positions“, “Support” and “Shift & Sag” teach teamwork and, when combined with a “Formation” and “Style Of Play“, they provide the organization for your team’s play, and collectively are called your “System of Play”. Starting at U-8, you should teach your players the concepts of “Positions” (i.e., that there are “Forwards“, “Midfielders“, “Fullbacks” and a “Goalie“), “Support” (i.e., “First Defender/Second Defender” and “First Attacker/Second Attacker/Third Attacker“) and to “Shift & Sag“. These concepts are easily taught and, in essence, teach teamwork. They can make a huge difference in your team’s play. How to teach “Positions” is explained in SoccerHelp Premium at “How To Teach Soccer Positions”. How to teach “First Defender/Second Defender” is explained at “Quick Team Improvement Program” section no. 3, at “10 Defense Tips & Tactics” section no. 7 and at “Support” in the Dictionary. How to teach “First Attacker/Second Attacker/Third Attacker” is explained at “First Attacker” in the Dictionary, and In Premium at “Scoring More Goals” and “Attacking Plan”. How to teach “Shift & Sag” is explained in Premium at “Quick Team Improvement Program” section no. 4 and at “Shift & Sag” in the Dictionary. On Premium, also see “How To Teach Soccer Formations”, “Formations” and see “Styles of Play” in the Dictionary.

Soccer RFB

Right Fullback. (See “Positions” and “Fullbacks“).

Soccer Positions

See “Forwards” (F), “Fullbacks” (FB), “Midfielders” (MF), “Goalkeeper” (GK), and “Stopper” (S) & “Sweeper” (SW). LF is Left F, CF is Center F, RF is Right F, etc. In designating soccer positions, as you face the other team’s goal, Right (e.g., RMF) is to your right. (See “Formations“, “Small Sided“, “Number of Players” & “Zone Defense“).

Soccer LFB

Left Fullback. (See “Positions” and “Fullbacks“).

Soccer Fullbacks

(abb. “FB”). (aka Backs and Defenders). Defenders who play closest to their own goal. The Left & Right are as you face the other teams goal. In diagrams the Left Fullbacks will be designated “LFB“, center as “CFB” & right as “RFB“. In Britain, they sometimes use the term full-back to refer to the right and left back, as opposed to the center back(s). (See “Formations” and “Positions“).

Soccer FB

Abbreviation for Soccer Fullback. (See “Soccer Fullbacks“).

Soccer Defenders

The soccer term defenders usually refers to the Fullbacks or to the soccer players who are defending the goal that is under attack. Soccer Midfielders, for example, also often drop back to defend. In a broader sense, when your soccer team loses the ball, the players closest to the ball should try to steal it back. In this case even the Forwards might be defenders. (See “Soccer Fullbacks“).

Soccer Back

(aka “Fullback”). See “Fullbacks“. In Britain, they sometimes refer to center backs and use the term soccer full-back to mean the right and left backs.