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Soccer Vision

A soccer player’s ability (especially on offense) to see where other players are & passing opportunities, especially through soccer passes & “passes to space” that create scoring soccer opportunities. (See “Create – Soccer“).

Soccer Deliver The Ball

This refers to completing a pass, especially a soccer pass that creates a scoring opportunity. (e.g., “He delivered a great ball”). (See “Soccer Create” & “Soccer Assist“).

Soccer Create

You hope your soccer players will learn how to “create”. This refers to creating scoring soccer opportunities. At higher levels, these players are very valued & often play CMF. For example, Carlos Valderrama & Marco Etcheverry are mid-fielders who “create” by great passing. These soccer players are said to have great “vision” to see the potential to create opportunities. The great Brazilian soccer player, Roberto Carlos, “creates” by making great “overlapping soccer runs” down the side line from his fullback position to send beautiful “crossing passes” to his forwards. (See “Assist” & “Vision“).

Soccer Attacking

(aka “Offense”). When a soccer team has the soccer ball they are generally referred to as “attacking”, no matter where the ball is on the soccer field. There are 2 different styles of soccer attacking: a direct soccer attack and an “indirect soccer attack. A direct attack tries to move the ball quickly into scoring range by using mostly forward soccer passes, through balls and breakaways. An indirect attack is slower and uses a lot of sideways or backward passes while searching for a weakness in the defense. Unless your team is very skilled and has excellent passing ability a direct soccer attack will work best. (See “Styles of Play” for more details). Creating soccer space is a very important part of attacking. There are 2 different ways to create space. One relies on the ballhandler (i.e., the soccer player “onball”) to create opportunities. The other way to create space is by movement off the soccer ball & relies on movement by players other than the ballhandler (i.e., players “off-the-ball”) to create space & to create opportunities. (See “Soccer Attacking Plan“, “Soccer Attacking Third“, “Create“, “Soccer Dribbling“, “Go To Soccer Goal“, “Soccer Kick-Off“, “Pass To Space“, “Shift & Sag – Soccer“, “Strength On The Ball“, “Through Ball“, “Push Up“, “Build An Attack From The Back“, “Center The Ball“, “Coaching Rules“, “Commit The Defender“, “Counterattack“, “Creating Space“, “Cross The Ball“, “Defending to Win“, “Direct Attack“, “Finish“, “First Attacker“, “Soccer Formations“, “Soccer Goal Kick“, “Movement Off The Soccer Ball“, “Soccer Possession Style“, “Rebound“, “Release“, “Spread The Soccer Field“, “Styles of Soccer Play“, “Soccer Support“, “Switch The Soccer Play“, “Soccer – When to Dribble/When to Pass“, “Width In Soccer Attack“, “Win The Soccer Ball“.

Soccer Assist

Refers to a soccer pass that results in a soccer goal (e.g., “He had 2 assists in the game”). It is very important to encourage soccer assists. One way to do so is by congratulating the soccer player who made the assist in front of the team. Also, the player who scored the goal should always thank his teammate who made the assist. Teach your players to do this & ask the scorer if he thanked his teammate for the assist. (See “Create” & “Deliver The Ball“).