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Soccer Rules

The basic soccer rules are described in these Definitions. See “Advantage Clause“, “Cards”, “Fouls”, “Hand Ball”, “Offside Rule”, “Shoulder Charge”, “Assistant Referee”, “FIFA”, “Corner Kick”, “Free Kick”, “Goal Kick”, “Kick Off”, “Lines“, “Penalty Kick”, “Substitutions” & “Throw-Ins”. Also, see “Rules” and “Safety Rules”, Basic Information & Tips for Beginning Coaches. Soccer rules are revised annually by FIFA. You can visit for the latest official soccer rules, which are called the “Laws of The Game”.

Soccer Advantage Clause

A clause in the soccer rules that gives the Referee the discretion to allow play to continue even after a soccer foul has been committed if stopping play would unfairly punish the fouled soccer team (e.g., if the fouled team had a breakaway & might score even after having been fouled). The idea is that the soccer team which committed the foul should not gain an advantage as a result of the soccer foul. (See “Fouls“).